Traffic Marshal / Vehicle Banksman Training

Course Type: Traffic Marshal / Vehicle Banksman

Course Type: Traffic Marshal / Vehicle Banksman
Course Description:

Designed to support organisations in meeting their legal safety obligations and reduce the risk of costly accidents when carrying out common but dangerous reversing manoeuvres on site.

Our Traffic Marshal / Vehicle Banksman course is ideally suited to any person responsible for assisting in the manoeuvring, loading and unloading of vehicles and will instruct delegates in the safe passage and reversing of any vehicles on site.

Course Location

Nationwide, We will come to you and build the course around your needs with the least amount of disruption to you or your workforce.

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Key Points:
  • Operators Safety Do’s & Don’ts
  • The legislative framework: Healthy & Safety
  • Regulations & Directives
  • Operator’s safety code and film
  • Hand signals
  • Theory Test
  • Practical operating skills test