Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Training

Course Type: Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety

Course Type: Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety
Course Description:
Compressed gases are used in millions of products and processes across a wide variety of industries. But did you know that these gases are considered hazardous materials because they are stored under high pressure and can cause fires, explosions, and suffocation if not handled properly?
This training course discusses how to work safely with compressed gas cylinders that are used in general industry workplaces and how to protect against the hazards they pose.

Course Location
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Key Points:
  • Gas Classification & Packaging
  • Gas Cylinder valve connections
  • Before use safety checks
  • Gas control equipment
  • Safety in the storage and handling of gas cylinders: To include recommended PPE, use of trolleys
  • The properties & potential hazards of the gases on site
  • Actions to be taken in the event of an emergency