Slinging and Signalling Training

Course Type: Slinging and Signalling

Course Type: Slinging and Signalling
Course Description:

Slinging and signalling work hand in hand to ensure the safe and accurate slinging of loads. Operators carrying out the slinging will often rely on signallers to direct them in the moving and positioning of a load.

Our courses train delegates how to both sling and signal a crane load to ensure safe and efficient lifting.

Course Location

Nationwide, We will come to you and build the course around your needs with the least amount of disruption to you or your workforce.

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Key Points:
  • Health & Safety
  • Induction Course
  • Outline & Safety Film
  • Operations Safety Course
  • Intro to Crane & Slings
  • Set Up Lifting Operations
  • Daily – Pre-Use Inspection
  • Takeover & Maintenance
  • Basic Operations – Raise Lower Manoeuvre Crane
  • Load Handling
  • Selection & Use of Slings
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Load Weight Estimation
  • Recommended Signals
  • Associated Knowledge Examination
  • Associated Pre-Use Examination Associated Practical Examination
  • Puwer 1998
  • Loler 1998